08 February 2013

Erythrina Indica Bird Visitors

Currently I have a beautiful Erythrina Indica -- Coral Tree, in bloom outside my front door. This tree with its lovely, striking scarlet flowers is daily attracting a large number of feathered friends. Just in a few short moments sitting on my steps, I took photos of the below bird visitors to the tree. Erythrina Indica is one of the indigenous trees in this country that the famed Ornithologist Salim Ali in his, “Book of Indian Birds,” positively identifies as a tree (with its seeds and brightly coloured leaves) that is strongly favoured by birds. To find out more about the Erythrina Indica tree, go to this link here

Common Babber

Loten Sunbird

Mynah Bird

Brahminy Starling

Purple Sunbird

White Breasted Kingfisher

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